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I am embarrassed to admit, I have lived for a very long term under a state of blissful ignorance and naiveté though I was diagnosed with this condition almost 30 years ago.

I have learned to deal with the symptoms in various methods (ice, acupuncture, bourbon, OTC Medicine, and an occasional vicodin…), and I have a very loving wife.

Well, my very loving wife wants to be a Mom. My position about kids is I could live happily with or without kids, I couldn’t live happily without my wife.

I am scared to death about passing the along to a future generation. Does anyone have any insight they could share?

Hey there,
My husband and I have a three year old daughter, when we found out about shawn’s a.v.m i was so freaked about Emma (daughter) getting it too. Luckily its not likely to happen. So rest assured parenthood is a challenge but nothing is more beautiful than sharing a child!

Hi Dan, and welcome. What a great husband you are to care so much about the things your wife wants. :slight_smile:

For the vast number of people with AVM’s, it’s simply a glitch in the system during fetal development, and not something that would be hereditary. There are a few syndromes with AVM’s as components, and those can be passed on. HHT is the most common disorder associated with AVM’s and genes. If nobody in your family history has ever had one of these except for lucky you…chances are you just have the “mistake” and have no real reason to worry about passing it along to future children!
Good luck :slight_smile:

My son was almost 3 when we found out about my avm. My 1 st concern was him having one as well. My doctors have told me that its not hereditary and not to worry I still ask them if he could have one and they stick with the same answer. Making me feel better about it. I don’t believe them 100% only b/c everything with avms can vary and they don’t know everything about them yet. But no one else in my family has an avm so I doubt that my son has one but I would have him again if i had known about my avm 1 st. Selfish i know but i love being a mom, There is nothing like being a parent!

Thank you all for your help. It has been a tough few weeks, as I am sure you have all gone through in some phase or another.

We actually have a lot of few folks with HHT issues in the family. I seem to recall other vascular issues, though I am the most pronounced. Probably not a good sign, huh?

Basically not allowing my wife to be a Mom really isn’t an option. I just wouldn’t do that to her. There are other options though. I wouldn’t need to pass along 50% of the genes in order to be a good Dad.

Uuuuuhg. The pit in my stomach continues to compete with the lump in my throat.