New Technology- MEG or Magnetoencephalography- Brian Mapping

Has anyone heard of this before? I wonder if this could possibly take the place of having a cerebral angiogram.

Magnetoencephalography (MEG): Measures the minute magnetic fields that are generated by electrical activity in the brain. It is completely non-invasive and does not require the use of ionizing radiation or injected radioactive dyes used in other imaging technologies. It is also quiet, as opposed to MRI, which requires earplugs. And, best of all, it is able to pinpoint areas of excess neural activity in real-time recording of brain activity over a period of up to 10 minutes.
Note: MEG scanners are extremely expensive and there are only about 20 units in operation in the United States. One is at the Henry Ford Health System in Michigan. This helps in diagnosing and determining treatments for certain types of tinnitus- I wonder if it would also help with PT?

If this can show brain tumors I wonder if it can show AVM or Fistulas, etc.

I also found this link where the machine is being used.

Link to the video about the machine:

Link to MEG locations

Hi Lori. We have a unit here in Sydney Australia, that is being used for research at the Macquarie University.
It had been used in other areas, mostly for the study of childrens issues, but I was lucky enough to be the first AVMer to undergo the trial here, in 2010. As the research was in its infancy then, I was still required to have angiograms and fMRIs etc.
i am not sure how things have moved on since then, but I was more than happy to be a guinea pig, if it meant that brain pattern movements etc could be analyzed for the benefit of others, moving forward.
Thank you for bringing attention to the process.

I like this... Where can I sign up? LOl

Wow…this is a wonderful example of how medical technology is improving everyday. Thank you for sharing!

Hey Barbara,

You talk about the advancement of technology...I remember when we didn't have the MRI machines (that was in the early 80's). Such a blessing that invention turned out to be. I also remember when television was only black and white too. I'll stop there.. now I'm showing my age.. lol

I wonder if it could see a fistula since it can see tumors?
How long were you under the machine for?

With the various programs they were trialling, and the specific responses they were chasing, all up i was in the enclosed room for close to 45 minutes. The prep work and setting up of the receptors on the skull took almost as much time.
At least it wasn't like the MRIs/MRAs, where the droning puts me to sleep, and they have to start over again.. lol
To be honest, I don't know what they gleaned from it, but I got to see a snapshot of my brains activity, when I wiggled the little finger on my right hand. It truly is amazing and instils a lot of confidence, when you know the techies and the medical team are looking to improve success rates through research.

Ben, are you telling us that television is now in colour? One of the trials during the MEG was for me to play the old B&W tennis game with the white paddle. Awesome - I'm lousy at it, after all these years

Oh my gosh. I haven't played that tennis game since I was a kid. It was on a Nintendo game you hooked up the tv... Ha Ha