New Situation

I developed a secondary problem from when I was intubated with the aneurysm…I started having trouble breathing…the Drs thought it was asthma…so I was treated with asthma meds & steroids…but they didn’t help…so I went to 3 specialist before I found out that I have Subglottic stenosis(scar tissue)…It is a term used to describe narrowing of the airway immediately below the level of the vocal folds…Subglottic stenosis causes shortness of breath, especially during times of exertion…When severe, subglottic stenosis causes noisy breathing during both inspiration and expiration…I was breathing out of a small straw hole...I had never heard of such a thing...I have had 3 balloon dilations…it enlarges the airway, increasing my ability to breathe BUT only for a short time(2 months)…so on the 23rd I go see another Dr to see what to do next…I’ll just be glad when I can breathe better…Please keep me in your prayers…thanks!

Thanks for educating us about this, Autumn, especially since so many here have been intubated multiple times. I hope your next doctor can give you relief soon.

You are on my prayer list!

Thanks Barbara for the prayers! And for the encouragment dancermom! I hope that the Specialist will be able to do something more than fine tunning it every couple of months.