New prescription

I haven't been on much lately so I apologize greatly. My neurosurgeon is changing my drugs and I was just wondering if anyone else has experince or feedback regarding it. It is Lamotrigene and I Ihaven't heard about it before (or remember hearing anywy). Any feedback? I would greatly appreciate it.


Hello Laine, my daughter is on the brand name Lamictal and takes 500mg a day. She tried Kepra but that wasn’t good for her. We have no problems with the brand name Lamictal as we also tried the generic that you speak of but that didn’t work for her. Good luck to you.

Hi Laine,
My husband is on Lamotrigene (the generic for Lamictal) taking 300 mg/a day (150 am, 150 pm), he also takes 3000 mg Keppra (the generic, 1500 am, 1500 pm). He was on just the Keppra generic for about 4 months then had a Grand Mal seizure (at work of all places) so the doc added the Lamotrigene. He has done well on it (knock on wood), he started on it very slowly like 25 mg twice a day for a week/two until he got to the target dosage of 300 mg day. This drug can have a bad rash so make sure you pay attention to that, I’m sure your doc has mentioned that and also that you have to wean on it slowly. Best of luck to you, I hope it works for you. What type seizures do you have? How frequent? Has the doc ever mentioned that one day you may be medicine and seizure free?

I take 200 mg of it a day. I love it! I have been taking it for 3 months and haven’t had any side effects I couldn’t deal with or that didn’t go away. Well except that my sense of smell and taste are a little off, but I was told that is common in all anti seizure meds. I am not sure what med you are switching from, but I was on Dilantin and there is such a difference in how I feel. Not so tired anymore and my hair is filling in again. This website gives lots of info from people who have been on Lamictal a lot longer than I have. I found it to be very helpful. . One thing I have seen a lot about this med is that the generic and the brand do work differently. So if you start on the generic stay on it and vice versa. Oh and to save so money on you scrips go to . I used it on my last prescription and saved the 40 bucks! It took awhile for the card to get to me, but at least I got it before I had to refill. Remember to follow the dosing schedule exactly.

I have been on 500mg of Lamical for years and had no side effects, but I did have problems with generic Lamotragine. The doctors say the generic is the same but as we know they are not.
Now I have added 1000 mg of Keppra after an unexpected seizure and am having a few unwanted side effects.

Thank you to everyone for the feedback, I appreciate it. I was only at the first week of adding it in but had to quit as the side effects from it were worse than what I already had-just on the first week of transition. I told one of my neurologists re the aftereffects about it and she said that one of them were very rare and to stop ASAP (no not a rash). It is all a handfull enough without making it worse. I guess we will looking into somethimg else and keep a posotive outlook which is difficult at times