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Hello - I am a newbie on this site, I am 55 years old, I had Aneurysm burst in my spine in May of 2018. I had extreme pain shooting through my legs at the time it happened. Within 48 hours my lower half of my body was numb as i went into surgery. it was just the craziest thing ever. anyway, I went back into the hospital 5 days later because of a bleed in my sinus area, i stayed in for a week. Recovery has been interesting, I did 3 months of PT, OT, ST and I was back to work on August 14th…now Im dealing with so many feelings in my lower body. My Left leg is mostly numb still and Im having problems with my left knee, it feels like there is a bond around my leg and it keeps getting tighter and it is getting hard to move. the right leg is fine… I’m looking forward to talking and communicating with you all.



That sounds crazy! I didn’t know we could have aneurysms in our back O: I can’t imagine the pain! You’re one tough cookie! I can barely stand my two aneurysms in my brain /:

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Hi Teiry,

Yes the pain was absolutely NUTS…Oh MY! 2 aneurysms in your brain. I hope you don’t have them anymore and I hope your getting better everyday. I felt better real quick, but know I’m going through some pain in my left leg with the nerves trying to grow back, harder to walk and my mind keeps focusing on the pain. I guess I need to work on that.

Please keep feeling better ( i hope that you are) :slight_smile:



Hello @Richie2u and welcome to the group
I am so sorry about your experience but so glad you survived it. Hard to believe we can get aneurysm anywhere in our bodies.
I hope you are being referred to a pain clinic for your pain. One thing that I am finally after 7 years post is ketamine infusions - I have tried everything else Stanford has offered for treatment and nothing has worked. I go in Feb. I will update here and let the group know if I have any success as far as pain.
So glad you found the group



Oh no, they’re still there but they’re not the balloon kind, I forgot what type they’re called :confused: BUT don’t worry! I get them monitored with my yearly angiogram. And if by any given reason thry are growing, they’re going to insert a mesh

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