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New Member: Pregnancy Post Uterine AVM


Hello, My name is Brittany I also have a uterine AVM. I am also concerned on if it will affect me having children in the future I am eighteen. I really would like to have a child but I am concerned for the babies life and my own. I lost one child two years ago due to going septic in my kidney. I really am concerned. I just got the news I have this AVM 1-23-17. I’m kinda scared. I am also concerned when the bleeding will stop?

Pregnancy post uterine avm


First, welcome to the site! Second, I’m glad you found this category. I did a bit of tidying up the other day and tried to gather everything that relates to pelvic or uterine AVMs out of “general” and into here. The main question you’ll see in this section is exactly the question you’re asking.

Are you having some intervention for your AVM? I guess that would reduce any risks for a pregnancy. Tell us what you know so far and any further scans, MRIs or interventions that your doctor is considering.

It might also be a good idea if we start you off in your own “topic”. Let me know if you’re OK with me moving your conversation to a new thread and I’ll move you.

Discovering an AVM of any kind is always a big concern but I hope with the materials you can find here and others chipping in, we’ll be able to support you.

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So far I have had no MRIs but I go the 28th to make sure the emolization worked. If not then I will have to get my whole uterus taken out. But as of right now my bleed it mild like a period so I think it is working. I was considered already high risk for a pregnancy since I lost one. I am okay with moving to a new thread also just want more information


Hi Brittany, don’t panic just yet, please go and have a look for a post I did a few years ago on my uterine avm. If you search on the site for uterine avm it should come up. If you can’t find it, maybe the moderator can help you, or you can email me. I did lose one baby when mine was indiagnosed, but then I had my avm embolised and I’m currently standing in my chook shed with my 5 year whom we had after the embolisation, so it is possible, but you’ll need good doctors and lots of plans in place.

Let me know if you cannot find my other email




Is this the info you meant?


As well as Amanda’s story, there are still some ladies going through a pregnancy with an AVM. You might connect with one or two of those to find out how they are getting on. To write to them, include “@” before their name in a post like this. e.g. I am @DickD



Yep, that is the link to my story. Have a read and then send me an email. I’m not on here much anymore, since had a hysterectomy due to other uterine condition, so avm went with it, but happy to help You out :slight_smile: