oN jUNE 14, 2021 i HAD THE WORST HADACHE of my live.
Thank God I called 911 around1 pm by 10 pm I hd brain surgery with a 10% chance of survival and a 5% chance to come back to how I am today.
I have little to no therapy, doctors here are not very knowlegable or helpful so I am planing on going to FL for the winter in search of better help. I found BAF through youyube videos I been doing reseRCH with. Love those videos
Sadly I can not be on the PC or phone for long my neurologist wants to prevent a seizure.
I am looking for specialiata in FL, eye exercises. any and all support is welcome. My husbND TRIES BUT IS lao atressed and throws himself into work, my kids are of no help and many friends have left since I am no longer an asset to them…sdly only a few remained but they too have lives.
thanks for reading. Looking forward to becoming an super active member here.

Excuse the spelling. my left vision was affected big time.



Welcome to AVM Survivors! You sound like quite the survivor!

Sadly many people seem to find that those they thought were friends were only fair-weather friends and as the temperature drops or the sun goes in they vanish even quicker than they appeared.

Seeking rehab treatment in Florida through the winter sounds like a great idea. (Do you normally migrate between Alaska and Florida according to the seasons? I can understand that might be a normal thing to do in such extremes of climate).

We do have a bunch of people in FL, so I’m pretty sure you’ll find some helpful info from others.

Very best wishes,


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I been in Alaska30 years, this would be my 31st winter coming up and we had plnnd to start snowbirding this yeR…no excuses now to follow through


Welcome, I’ve said it a few times, great you found us but too bad you had too! It sure sounds like you’ve been through a time of it. Florida for the winter sounds great, and they have some high level expertise there, in addition to the Florida benefits! Take Care, John.


Your chances are about the same as they gave my husband. You seem to be doing well through your great communication and proactively seeking help. We are in CA. I found High Hopes Head Injury here and they’ve helped my husband much. For vision he lost some left side vision and was prescribed glasses with prisms. It helped and now he’s in regular glasses. I used to put Baby Einstein videos on and just have him track across the screen in the early days when he seemed to have little focus. Not sure if it would provoke seizures for you.

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As for therapy there’s so much you can do at home. We have a cheap pulley…stretch ropes…squeeze balls…much more



Glad to see you are on the mend!

Walking helped me so much. It seems simple, but engaged all my muscles and made those limp nerves fire off again! You’ve found a wonderful group here who completely understand how it feels to be kind of tossed aside (especially in the midst of Covid). I hope you find a sense of peace here with us!

Best wishes and keep going!


tHANK YOU FOR GIVING ME MORE HOPE FOR MY VISION :slight_smile: i HEARD OF PRISM GLASSES oops sorry for caps lock on…lol anyways when I told the vision centers this they all said " Not my specialty"…lol walked out with little hope. I know helpis out there, just to find the right one. How long did it take your husband ? I miss riding my harley the most. Patience I must have

Thank you !

It was the eye Doctor Who prescribed the prism glasses. I would think you would need to get a prescription. Where are you located?

I am in Alaska now but leaving to Florida Monday to find specialists

Welcome to the family @magster and I’m confident this place will be beneficial to your recovery and dealing with everyday life as a survivor… God bless!

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We are all the way in CA. But see an eye specialist rather than just the optometrist at Walmart. Ask about prisms.

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