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Hello, My name is Jon, Its very nice to meet you all! It’s also great to finally find people who know exactly what I have gone through during this dark time in my life. Just a little about me, in 2005 I had a ruptured AVM in the occipital lobe of my brain. Worst part of it was when my GF called 911 the EMT’s were certain I had food poisoning so I lay comatose for two days. My GF was in school at the time so we didn’t speak daily. Once she came over since I wasn’t answering the phone she rushed me to the ER. Anyway a long story short the whole thing sucked, as you all probably know. I have to admit though; I am a much different person today, and am almost grateful to how this changed my life.

Catastrophic events have a funny way of changing ones direction.


Hey Jon,

Welcome to the group. Sorry to hear about your ordeal. We may not have all of the answers here, but we’ve all been through similar experiences. The best way to get involved is to browse the site and look for discussions and participate.


Welcome to the group, Jon. Interesting reading about your ordeal, especially with the EMT’s believing that you had food poisoning. What a blessing your girlfriend had been when she rushed you over to the emergency room. You’re right, the whole thing does suck. Two weeks after my rupture (I had no idea that I had an AVM, or what that was) my coworkers had to suggest that I go to the emergency room since I wasn’t looking to good. We all believed at one point that I was just experiencing a bad migraine. What a surprise when I found out that I had an AVM bleed. This experience has changed my life and me personally. You are right, catastrophic events do have a way of changing a person’s direction.

Again, welcome to the group. Reading the discussions and blogs have been of help to me and learning of this rare condition. It’s also helped me to feel at home with myself, networking with those who understand what it is like to live with an AVM.

Take care!

Welcome to the Group!

Welcome Jon, sounds like ur GF was on top of things as much as possible.
Suggestion; get a medical alert braclet now. I did, kinda felt silly doing it, but was told by the salesperson they sell them for a lot of things, and since EMTs aren’t familiar (well, most of them) with AVMs. A bracelet helps them and you w/ a phone # to call for explanations.

This site has saved my sanity. Hope u keep a positive attitude. And good luck!


Welcome, Jon!!!

It seems like so many people do not know what an AVM is. I check in at the ER and tell them I have a cerebral AVm and they sit me in the waiting room. A medical alert bracelet is a great idea. I am glad your gf was on top of things as much as she could. Having an AVM is hard because of not knowing what is going on. Glad you came to the page. I just joined myself. Found out about my AVM on 8/9/10