New(er) study about epilepsy drug show increase risk of suicide

Since so many of us take these type of meds I thought it was important to share. Especially because I know a lot of you take the drugs in this study.

Also a link to the Journal of Neurology and Neurosurgery that give a lot of great info

Thanks Jamie. I’m taking a supposed suicidal ‘newer’ drug, but I actually have never ever felt suicidal. It was in fact an older drug - Dilantin - that gave me serious body function issues that kept me in recovery for an additional week, until I was put onto the newer drug.
Which ever way it goes, I look forward to one day not taking any medication, as a precaution. Stay healthy and carefree JP

I was using Dilantin from 1988 to 1999. The main problem was that I could not drink alcohol. Also, it helped me control myself so I didn’t lose my temper and get in trouble at work. When I stopped in 1999, it was difficult to control to my mouth. Suddenly, I could talk and get myself in trouble before I knew I was talking. Anyway, it’s not new.

If your doctor said it was causing you these serious body function problems, then definitely change. One thing doctors are learning is that human beings have many different bodies. These different bodies react differently with all these medicines.

Good Luck and hang tough

yikes i take keppra thanks for sharing this with us!!! I will def now be talking to my dr about this. I need to get off of keppra and this was the push i needed thanks :slight_smile:

it says there that tegratol dosent seem to have the same effects but talking from experience of taking tegratol it can have a massive effect on your ways of thinking and suicidal thoughts im now switched to keppra and still get them but not like tegratol.

think all these drugs should come with a warning on the box and the dr's who prescribe them should tell us about the possible side effects of them rather than us all finding out for ourselves once we are taking them.

Thanks Jamie. :) Take care.