New developments in my recovery

well it has been 15 months since my surgery…and when i learnt to walk again i started using a massive walking frame… then…moved down to a tall walking pole …then to a regular cane…well just 2 days ago i have began walking around my home without my cane…i have been doing doing lots of work on my balace and it seems to be paying off at last…think it will still be a little while before i venture the great outdoors without the cane…but i know it will happen…to all those in the same boat hang in there and stay positive hard work and determination does pay off in the end…i still have a long way to go but i hope i will be writing guess what guys have thrown the cane away for good soon…will keep working on it…thankyou all for being there for me throughout this journey i would have never made it this far without you all

Awesome news Alicia! You’ve come a long way. I know you’ll still use the cane sometimes to keep yourself safe but all your re-training is obviously going really well and paying off!!!

Wow! I can only imagine what a sense of accomplishment your feel. How inspiring you are… working so hard continuously and making such great progress.


errp… “your feel” s/b “you feel”.

Alicia that is GREAT NEWS!!! I bet you are so happy about this!!! In the last week I have been able to actually start to read out loud which is something I haven’t been able to do since after my first surgery. I would try to but mostly stumble on all the words or say the wrong words and etc. Its so good to finally accomplish something you have worked so hard for!!! :slight_smile: lol, of course the only way I read out loud is to myself or to my husband…I’m sure in front of others it will be a lot harder so I’m going to wait a while til I try that one. But I’ve been super excited lol its weird saying “I’m 24 and I can finally read out loud!” hahaha.
I’m so glad your moving along so well and you are right with the determination you make so much more progress than telling yourself you cant do something. I always try to repeat to myself “yes I CAN” :slight_smile:
congrats again.
oh and I’m so excited because this means I will be able to read out loud to our BABY!!! when she gets here. hehe

Simply awesome! What an inspiration to everyone who is facing the same kind of tough recovery as you are. You GO GIRL! I’m so proud of you to hear how far you’ve come. Can’t wait for you to throw that cane away and then we can move on to picking you out some fantastic HIGH HEELS!

Alicia,i am so so so so happy for you. keep up all your hard work. you are truly an insperation. I will be looking forward to the day you let us know the cane is toast.

Thats great news Alicia, keep your faith and you’ll do it.

Fantastic Alicia! I’m so proud of you. You are one of the most determined people I know. It won’t be long before you are able to toss that cane for good. Just don’t rush yourself, it will come. Stay safe!

That’s incredible! I am so happy for you!


I;m so happy for you! You’ve made great improvement! Keep up the good work!

That is great to hear!!! baby steps are the way to go right! Don’t push your self to much. again good job :slight_smile:

Congratulations, Alicia…what a breakthrough!

Congratulations, Alicia…what a breakthrough!

Congratulations, Alicia…what a breakthrough!

Congratulations, Alicia…what a breakthrough!

Well done Alicia. Your determination and strength of character is humbling. God Bless xxx

Dear Alicia, you are such an example to many. Congratulations!

That is really great news. Were you having difficulties with your walking due to lack of strength or from ballance/ataxia issues? Or both?

Thanks for the support. I am inspired at the fact that you are doing so well. I hope things go well for me also. Peace