Never give up hope

so i have been trying to find a solution to this spinal avm i have which has been inoperable for 6 years now i had a n appointment with my neurosurgeon today and this new treatment has just begun here in ireland this week i think its a type of cyber knife treatment and it turns out i am suitable for this i have been told that i will be having this procedure in the next 2 weeks so i am thrilled and nervous aswell i just hope it goes well so i guess the message is to never give up hope and to stay positive as there are always new treatments coming on board so take care everybody and i will will let you know the outcome

Best of luck Padrig on your upcoming surgery. IT is so important to remain positive and not to give up hope, I feel the same way as an AVM Survivor myself. Great attitude Padrig and keep us the positivity:)

Wishing you great results with the cyberknife, Padraig! Keep us posted.

thank you debra i appriciate the reply take care i hope all is well with you

thank you dancermom you are very kind i will keep you posted take care and i hope all is well with you

Yay for you, Padraig and having a positive attitude is one of my mantras so I will keep you in my prayers! As the others have said, please keep us posted.

thank you susan t you are very kind i will keep you posted i hope all is well with you

Great news Padraig. A positive outlook is always helpful. Good luck with your treatment. I'm sending you more positive thoughts!

thank you trish that is very kind of you i hope all is well with you take care