Neurosurgeon specializing in brain AVM

Hi all, I am hoping there is someone out there that knows a neurosurgeon in the Toronto area that specializes in treating AVM's? I live in Cambridge, Ontario and I am seeing Dr Murty at The Hamilton General. Don't know much about him except my GP says he is one of the best. Not sure what he is the best at. Reading a discussion posted by MD Michigan, on this site, has really got me worried now. Apparently, I have a large AVM on my left frontal lobe and what I have been reading has made me more scared then ever. I truly want someone that specializes in this but I am having no luck finding someone. Thanks to all for being there.

Hi delight67. I am so sorry for the fear you are facing right now. I do believe at times we have to educate ourselves ,but must caution you as well, sometimes we crave all the answers to our problems at once, then find ourselves overwhelmed with answers we don't even comprehend. This alone is scary. Try hard to not get into overload, this is the last thing you need. You have the right to ask for a second opinion. Your doctor should be able to give you the information about the Neurosurgeons expertise for sure. Don't be afraid to ask. Go with your gut, it is often a great guide.

Have you looked into Toronto Hospitals AVM center. They do have one out your way. When will you be seeing him ? Take a list of questions. Writing them down will be very beneficial as when we go to doctor appointments we always forget to ask the right questions. Start your list as soon as possible.
Will you be able to take someone with you? This also serves as a great tool, - they hear things differently than we do, because we are focused on our situation at hand, as well as talking to him/her. Your spouse / friend can just listen. Please try not to get ahead of the thoughts as they can, and will lead us astray. I will say a little prayer for you and keep us up to date with all of the progress.

Hi there,

My daughter has a similar-sounding avm and is a patient at Toronto Western. They are known to be one of the best -- check out their website at The nurse practitioner is particularly kind and helpful.

All the best and do keep us posted.

Hi delight67. My son is being treated at the AVM clinic at Toronto Western Hospital. They have a team of Dr, s there that is headed by Dr.Radovanovic. . He is a wonderful dr.who will answer all your questions. You can call the AVM clinic at 416 603 5463.

The son of Dr. Charles Drake, as in the GODFATHER OF CEREBROVASCULAR SURGERY, is a pediatric neurosurgeon in Toronto.

Hi delight67!

My name is Scully by the way...

I wish I'd known about this site sooner as it is actually good to know (but sad too) that there are others that I may communicate with regarding the Trials and Triumphs of AVM's. I live in London, and yes, I agree wholeheartedly with you that the things that I have been told, read, seen, heard, and experienced with regards to my AVM have been terrifying to the point that it seems like the hope for someone to give me an answer that is joyful, like: Yes, the surgery may take 8 hours, but we can cauterize your AVM and you will be able to live a happy life again from this day forward, seizure free, bleed to the brain free, hot flash and snowflake free, not have to take any more meds, never become aphasic again, and the list goes on.

My AVM is large and it is in my left frontal lobe just like yours... I have been advised of several different options by Dr. Maclachlan at University Hospital here in London. Dr. Lownie is actually in charge of my file, but Dr. Maclachlan (an Epilepsy specialist) is the one that I see every 6 months. When I first became aware of my medical condition, I was actually under the care of Dr. Charles Drake, who was absolutely remarkable and very honest about what could/couldn't be done... I agree with the person who indicated that you might wish to touch base with Dr. Drake's son in Toronto, who knows? He may well be a miracle worker just like his father was...

Good luck with everything! and believe it or not, prayers do work...