Neurosurgeon meeting

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I met with my Neurosurgeon yesterday for the first time since having my AVM diagnosed by the Hospital.
Just as a background to this, when I was admitted to hospital when I had the really bad headache, the Doctor at the Emergency Dept at North Shore Hospital in Auckland told my wife and I, after the first CT scan, that I has a mass on my Brain and it was Cancer!!!!
We asked if he was sure, and he categorically informed without a shadow of doubt that it was Cancer.
As you can imagine, this devastated my wife and I and we obviously imagined the worst case scenario.
It wasn't until 5 days later, after a full body CT and MRI that they informed us that the "thought" it was an AVM, however the appointment with the Neurosurgeon would confirm this one way or another.
That was the 20th March, so for 3 weeks we really have been wondering.

Anyway the Neurosurgeon categorically informed us that it was in no way Cancer and was very surprised that the ED Doctor could give this diagnosis without all the facts and correspondence with Neurosurgical dept.
It is indeed an AVM with an aneurism on the main artery which goes to the AVM.
It's in a good location and easy to get at, so I am scheduled to go in for the removal operation within 6 weeks, with a great prognosis for after op recovery.

What a relief!!!!!!!

My wife has gone from concern to anger that this ED Doctor has put us through over the last few weeks.

Anyway, he has told me that I can have drink, in moderation of course, and basically conduct my life normally. Not too strenuous exercise, weights or resistance training, and not too much stress.
The Driving Vehicle Licence Authority have informed me that after an AVM cranial operation, I can't drive for 2 months. If complication occur, such as seizure's, it will be reviewed and usually be around 6 months, which could be a problem with work etc.