Neurosurgeon Experience with Facial and Neck AVMs

I have an appointment/consult with Dr. Alexander Khalessi, a neurosurgeon, at UCSD today for my AVM in my left temporalis muscle. I also plan on getting a second opinion from Dr. Suen (who is very hard to get a hold of) and possibly Dr. Yakes.

I was wondering what kinds of experiences my fellow face and neck AVMrs have had with neurosurgeons? Have any of you received treatment from a neurosurgeon? What kinds of diagnosis or options did they provide to you?

This is my second extracranial AVM. My first one was removed from my neck in 2002.

I appreciate any and all of the feedback that anyone can provide.

Thank you!

Hi, my son is a former patient of Dr. Suen’s. His facial AVM removal was five years ago, with no regrowth since. He is having a happy life at university now. I wish you a great outcome, with no regrowth. Let us know how it goes.

Hello modern dancer mom I have an AVM in my left cheek was your sons avm removal very extensive did he need a facial resection. I am hoping I will be able to get an appt with Dr. Suen to get his opinion