Neurosurgeon appointment went well

The neurosurgeon appointment today went pretty well. At first I was really nervous just because it brings back some very scary memories…things I haven’t thought about in a LONG time! Then I just told myself that I’m not the same person I used to be and that I wasn’t there for a surgery or testing and that I was just there because my high risk obgyn made me.
He told me he just couldn’t understand why they would wait til I was already 8 months pregnant to tell me I HAD to go see him and that MRI’s and Ctscans were not necessary because I would need a c-section. I feel like going back to my doctor and saying “I told you so” haha but I am not going to do that. I’m glad that they will finally have to listen to me and do the c-section. Not that I think a c-section will be easy but it will by far be easier than having another brain hemorrhage. I seriously dont understand why my doctors wouldn’t just do the c-section especially since from the beginning they said Iw ould have to have one. I am not sure what changed their mind except that they delivered a baby for a woman that had some kind of mass in her brain and things went perfectly fine. But that didn’t mean things would be fine for me, And they delivered naturally because that was what she wanted. But I’m just so glad that this arguing with them is OVER. lol. On July 14th I should find out the date that our baby will be here. I’m excited and I can’t wait.

Thank goodness Brittany!

Glad everything turned out OK.


Your daughter is beautiful, sorry it took me so long to mention that :>