Hey there my little brother had his prom ruined last Saturday. As he lost his speech and soon after it was discovered had a avm on the left side of his brain. The surgery has gone well he’s all in there blood is going down drains removed, it was a 3 on the scale if that means anything to you guys. i don’t wanna explain it here but i’m sure you know. He’s getting alot of energy back still no movement on his right side at all which concerns me i know its early. I wanted to know if anyone has experience with; the Taub method of Constraint therapy in Alabama, Ipsihand in Washington or the studies by Southern Florida that low does Psilocybin below psychoactive levels. Can stimulate neurogenesis. thank you everyone were going to do conventional rehab as well but Im looking at everything and seeing if anyone has any anecdotal experience. i want to get him playing guitar again. Hes only 17 im a mma fighter and he’s showing me that he’s the tough guy in the family. he’s high in spirit please let me know peoples experience also how long it took for them to see movements after total paralyze of a side i haven’t seen anything yet besides a smile.