Neurologist Advice

Did you find a neurologist your happy with? I’ve had some pretty serious medical issues over the years, and one thing I do when I’m looking is pretty much interrogate every doctor I like in case they have recommendation. By doing that, I’ve found a couple of specialists “through the grapevine” who are phenomenal. Other times, no luck. I’ve been looking for a good primary for five years. I also tell other doctors about anyone I’m really impressed with - although that did backfire once when my kid’s primary, a PA, was was hired into my endocrinologist’s practice.

Also, I just wanted to give a shout out to Mayo since you’re in Minnesota. I took my mom up there when she was diagnosed with a very rare cancer, and I can’t tell you how impressed I was with both the facility and their team approach. I would definitely consider consulting with them even if they don’t become your regular doctors.

I have a appt on Friday with my beloved GP actually to figure out a new Neuro. I haven’t had a lot of issues lately. The Gabapentin is still working like a charm. But I’ve decided to go with two neuros tho- one is headache, and the other vascular. So much of my head stuff is tied to the vascular.

All in all, it’s been a good summer for me. I had a couple of weeks of the “tireds.” Just fatigued to the bone, but otherwise good. I do wonder how much the Gaba is tied to the fatigue. I also suspect the barometer in the winter months plays a lot of havoc with my head- so Summer barometers are nicer.

AND my husband and I got a puppy! My beloved chihuahua of 20 years died in July 2020. He saw me thru my surgeries/craniotomy and recovery for the previous ten months. He never left my side. It broke my heart, especially during covid quarantining, when he passed. He was a faithful boy. We waited a year, and then decided to go for it. We welcomed our new pup, Ernie, two weeks ago. And he’s just a joy. And seriously good for me.


Here’s Ernie! Great medicine! :wink:


Well we have another new reason for my “episodes”. I had my appointment with my neurologist and we now have added the reason I get numbness in my face and arm (which lasts usually around 15 minutes) is Migraines. So now so far it is either mini strokes, seizures or migraines smh. I officially give up with the . He upped my Gabapentin from 100mg 3 x day to 300mg 3 x day. I think maybe I will just wait until the volcano erupts in my head and then maybe they will have the right answer. Have to keep chuckling, not worth getting upset, doesn’t do any good.


If you have a read of “Migraine” by Oliver Sacks, I think you’d find that migraine aura are really quite diverse and migraine (or migraine-like) symptoms is a reasonable fit with what you describe. That the symptoms resolve in about 15 minutes does make them rather like migraine aura.

I would say that Sacks differentiates been true migraine and “migraine-like” symptoms. Typically, he describes migraine symptoms that transgress across the body – from one hemisphere to the other – and cites a reason to be suspicious of any apparent migraine that doesn’t migrate in that way as being provoked by something else, in our case an AVM or some damage enacted by it such as a stroke or by operations to reduce the stroke risk.

It’s an old book but might still be a useful read for those of us round here.