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Neurological problems post cyber knife treatment


Hey guys!

Has anyone with Neurological AVMs experienced problems reading & comprehending post treatment??

My AVM is located on my language center of my brain - causing a lot of issues when i read. Before i seize, i can't read. I can't understand what word is in front of me. I had my cyber knife treatment Sept. 2013. After treatment, 95% of the 6cm AVM has been OBLITERATED! (WOOOO!!!!!)

However, I have started experiencing symptoms again...

My job involves a LOT of transcribing and notes for meetings in general. I just can't understand what is being said most of the time...it's like someone is speaking to me in Swahili! I have to read very slow and repeatedly. When i read a lengthy sentence, or listen to one - i get completely lost. i lose track of the point, and general direction/context. (I have reviewed what i'm writing so many times and even i still lose what's said...)

I'm terrified this is a side effect of treatment or regrowth that will continue, and even worsen...I'm worried for my job, and general day to day..

Have you had this issue? How did it go for you, if so?

You're amazing humans and damnit, we're warriors! :D


I’ve always had trouble processing information. Trouble following conversations, reading an entire page and having no idea what I have just read. Then I have to read it very slowly to grasp what the content is. I am not quite 2 years post LINAC radiation treatment. Hoping mine will respond as well as yours has to treatment. I mainly have trouble with getting destracted easily. I have to concentrate on one thing at a time or I will not be able to function or mess something up completely. I work with a blood bank, so obviously like you I am concerned for my job as well. They are making cut backs anyway so if I were to mess up big time I would be easy to boot me out the door without a second thought.


It sounds like Aphasia. Aphasia is an impairment of language, affecting the production or comprehension of speech and the ability to read or write. Brain injuries resulting in aphasia may also arise from head trauma.
You might want to join the aphasia sub-group.


That's exactly what I have been experiencing! Taking notes seems impossible when you can barely understand what is being said, let alone the parts that matter!
Have you seen any doctors that have made a connection between AVM / Treatment and this? Possibly the Aphasia that @BarbaraH. below wrote...
I'll be checking out that subgroup!


Thanks for the tip! I'll be checking that subgroup out!


I have expressive aphasia after my brain haemorrhage and stroke caused by my AVM. Itcauses problems expressing words. It also causes me problems writing and spelling. For example it has taken me a few attempts to spell the words and construct the sentences for this reply. I have not had any treatment for my AVM yet . I have still in the diagnostic stage and awaiting an angiogram.it is very frustrating as my job is a sale executive which is all about communication. It takes me so longer to do anything.