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Neurologic issues resulting from too much radiation

I started having more issues with what I call neurologic problems-memory loss, tinitus, dizziness, headaches,etc. Went to my Neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins and was told that she believes it is due to too much radiation. I don't disagree with her conclusion based on everything that I have been through. I was diagnosed with a stage 4 AVM located in the right occipital extending into the thalmus. The initial diagnosis was 35 years ago. I have probably had 6 to 8 angiograms, Bragg-proton radiation treatment, numerous fluoroscopes, gamma knife and 3 embolizatioms.
Has anyone else been given the diagnosis of too much radiation and what are your symptoms and diagnosis? I am scheduled for neuropsych testing at the end of the month to give me a baseline. Looking for input from others if their Dr suggested treatments or if you have any articles to share regarding studies of radiation overexposure.
Thanks, Ross

Hi! Well, as if my many, many, suberachnoid brain hemorrhages weren't enough, I too had Bragg Peak Proton radiation at Mass. General, twice. I am told that radiation saved my life for decades, untill 3 years ago, the AVM leaked. It created a hematoma on my brain stem and HAD to be removed, along with the "inoperable" AVM. I am stil recovering. Recovering from a bleed and recovering from a major craniotomy are two different things.
Now I am faced with something major. Probably because of all the radiation exposure through the last 40 years, I have developed a meningioma tumor that needs taken care of. I am having the Linear Accelerator perform it's magic and it will hopefully "freeze" this tumor. I have to say that I am scared. I am told it is a better option for me than the cyberknife or gamma knife. I ssy anything has got to be easier than the proton were in the 70's and 80's. I have had all the preliminary testing, and off I go. I'll be letting you ALL know how I am!