Has anyone heard of Neuroaid? I came across it from a google search. It is supposed to increase memory, etc.


I checked out the “NeuroAid” website.


#1,…it has NOT been FDA approved.
#2,…it is based out of Singapore/China
#3,…it is a capsule of foreign herbs and foreign ingrediants.
#4,…anyone can order it online

Speaking for myself,…I will not order this product anytime soon. I will wait untill clinical tests have been performed and empirical research / medical data published. (re: JAMA)

Am I skeptical ?

Ohhhhhhh Yassssssss

Many “scams” out there on the internet, and people waiting to take advantage of others.

Danielle,…my .02 for what its worth.

I think I knew that, but I thought I’d ask… Always looking for more answers. :slight_smile: Appreciate you taking the time to respond.