Neuro update

Well I met with my GP today after having all cardio work-up completed on Friday. All of my cardio is fine, I just have a murmur, which I had already told them, lol. I met with Dr. Eskey on Wednesday and he agreed that embolization was needed. However, he said he would not recommend a craniotomy at DHMC as the location of AVM is in "...the worst possible location...". He then told me I need to shop my scans around and find the best surgeon I can. lol I respect him and his honesty. He has agreed to wait until the week of the 4th to do the angiogram (as I have not had one due to dye reactions in the past) so that I can prep my sub and help transition my students. When I have a date for the angio I will post. One step at a time, lol. Thanks~ Elizabeth

Elizabeth, this list may help you:

I am wondering how the doctor could determine that embolization was better than craniotomy just from an MRI? Perhaps you should wait for the angio until you have selected a neurosurgeon -- if you go to one of the top places, they may be more familiar with dye allergies and have more options for the angio. Having a reaction during angio would not be good. Best wishes to you! You seem to be taking this very well.

Thanks Dancermom for information. I have seen 2 neurosurgeons. The first said embolization and follow with craniotomy. The second who is also an INR guy said embolization should be done but would not recommend the craniotomy at that hospital. I have a hospital, top 10 on the list, that I could go to and have both done. However, I need to send the angio to them with the MRI so they have a clear picture of what they are dealing with before I fly out there. Dr. E (the 2nd doc) has a premedication plan for me before the angio and will have his embolization team there in case something goes wrong and he has to embolize. He is an amazing doctor that put my needs ahead of the other surgeon/hospitals need and was honest in his assessment of treatment that they could do for me. Angio should be the week of the 4th and we'll get to see what it really looks like. Thanks for all the support and concern. As for me taking this well, I have my moments, I just remind myself they are just moments and there is a much bigger picture and plan for me. I just hate waiting, lol. Thanks again and take care. ~Elizabeth