Well it is less than two weeks away for my fifth embolization and they are planning on two and then more gamma knifes. It has been three years since my last treatment. I have been move active lately than I have been in a long long time. I am so worried these procedures are going to set me back again. I know I need to do this and keep fighting until they say it is successful or no more can be done. I’m thinking since I did have benefits from the last 4 embo’s and 2 radiations I will feel like a new person soon. Maybe I can get off all these seizure and headache medications that would be so GREAT! I am with a new neurosurgeon and feel very comfortable with him. I had such a good experience two months or so ago with the extensive angiogram. I always had so much pain going through them but this time they used anesthesia and no pain. They are going to intubate me during the embolization. The first one I had I was awake and it was horrible the next three they put me under. It is so funny I think my dog knows something is wrong he will not leave my side. Can dogs really sense this? lol Well signing off and I hope all of you are doing well and sending best wishes to all!

Five embolizations,do you remember how big the avm was at start.I dont remember…plus you had a few radiations and now this makes three? will this be the last? Happy to know you will be off the seizure meds and feeling much better.didnt know this makes five.You sure will feel like a new person when this whole this is over.Ill be praying for you Lee Ann,you are such a strong womenand you sure did benefit from the last four treatments that you know this will make you a new woman…you will do so great!!! I know your a bit scared I would be too.but just think ,its almost over,the avm is just about gone and we are all so very proud of how positive and strong you always stay…God is very good to you.He aways walks with you and stands rite beside you and never leaves your side besides youe wonderful family…you will be just fine.we will all be here praying for this day to go just as great as the last four.Your dog is beside you too because he loves you and knows your scared,hes also wanting you to be ok…:slight_smile: sending tons of love your way my friend…im here anytime ok,my best Caroline

Hi Lee Ann,

Wishing you all the best.

Take care,


My dearest friend: I have the upmost confidence in Dr. rossenwasser (I better right) that all will be well…we are days apart from our procedure so we are goig to get through this together…we are connected by Interstate 95 lol… I will keep you close in thought and deep in prayer… I need you and your suport…hey we will celebrate over the summer…Love you! Mare PS…yes no meds…would be a wonderful thing and this time next year we will be new women!

Love you too Mare and thank you! I am looking forward to the celebration part and can’t wait to tie one on! lol My support and prayers are there.

Hi Good Luck for Embolization number Five, I just had mine it was tricky, the first few days getting back to my routine, but i can happily say i am back to normal up and about am sure you will be fine. Let us know how you get on as and when you can.