anyone know anything about a vitamin called neuroaideasupposedwonder drug for after stroke truthor scam???

no but you should contact your doc before anything i look it up sounds good just hope it is

this is the info; don’t know much about it;

Hi, Aislinn. Hope you are doing well! I was curious if you ever got a definitive answer on this. Either way, can you please let us know what you found out about it? Thank you. Take care!

NeuroAid is not a vitamin but is composed mainly of five different chinese herbs.
They claim that it is a medicine for post stroke rehabilitation.

“That NeuroAid will increase the production of new neurons in the brain and the connections amongst these neurons (neuroplasticity) as well as to build stronger neurons (neuroprotection). Hence, NeuroAiD™ creates a favorable environment for recovery.”

As a professional Medical Phytotherapist (MNIMH)
I would first stress that each patient is different and the therapeutic approach both in Western and Chinese Herbal medicine recognize the importance of an holistic approach.

Secondly, I will remind you that stroke can be caused by two different reasons,

Ischemic strokes or cerebral infarcts (80% of strokes) result from a blockage or a reduction of blood flow in an artery that irrigates the brain.
They are caused either by a blood clot (thrombus) which blocks the blood vessel or by the buildup of plaque (often due to cholesterol) within the arteries which narrows vessels resulting in a loss of blood flow.

Haemorrhagic strokes are due to the rupture of an artery within the brain triggering an intracerebral haemorrhage (15% of strokes) or to the rupture of an aneurysm or arteriovenous malformation (AVM) entailing subarachnoid haemorrhage (5% of strokes).

Ischemic stroke/cerebral infarcts or hemorrhage, and the herbal treatment will be very different depending on the cause.

Some of the ingredients in NeuroAid may therefore be contraindicated in patients with an AVM e.g due to increase in blood flow.

I would advice you to seek a professional Herbalist before starting on any herbal drugs or treatment. Good luck.

Hanne xxx