Need praise

Hello everyone! As you know I’m a 4th year post bleed AVM-survivor.
Now I’m getting a master’s degree in management, because I already have a bachelor’s degree in international relations. Today I passed a very difficult exam for a very strict teacher. Of course, it is not the last, but nevertheless I am very happy. Just want to share it with you :slight_smile:


Artem! Well done!

I know you don’t have it easy but it is great to hear of your success and this forum should always reflect real life as well as being here for the AVMs.

Really great to hear!



@Artem Congratulations! That is wonderful news! Thank you for sharing and giving us inspiration!
Happy New Year!

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Congratulations so happy for u

That is awesome Artem, its great to hear this. Keep at it, the perseverance will be well worth it when you walk across the stage with the Masters in hand! Take Care, John.


Congratulations Artem :confetti_ball:

Thankyou for sharing your wonderful and inspiring news with us - keep it coming! It is a happy reminder that things don’t revolve around a AVM or bleed/s. Things may be more difficult but it makes success feel even more sweet :muscle:

Happy new year!


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This deserves much more than a polite golf clap, but alas, all of the rest of my family is sleeping and they would not appreciate if I stood up and shouted, “Yahooo!!!”

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