Need positive embolization stories. Scared to death and searched but saw a lot side effects

Mine is I unruptured and 4 cm. they want to reduce it in size so doctors can do radiation. Will have multiple embolizations. Just want to hear some positive stories that have had it done with no major side effects

I had one round of embolizations… Had some nausea post and a headache but otherwise no serious side effects… I’ve had a craniotomy and gamma knife since and still no major side effects!! Good luck!

Hi there, My 11 year old had 2 embos before her craniotomy. The first one was rough for her to recover from. She had a lot of headaches and took a few weeks to bounce back, but she did. The second one went much better. ICU is a tough place to recover. Not very restful, which is what you need too, but necessary I know. As for side effects AFTER she "recovered" from the embos, I would say none really :) Best of luck!!

My son had an embolization before his crani and had no deficits. He felt a lot better after it was done and the headaches began to subside.

Hello KSU, I think others have already mentioned it, but I think it is most important to go to a facility that has lots of experience with embos and particularly working with Onyx. I have posted several discussions regarding embos as I have had 4. I would considered all 4 successful, but I did require the need for a shunt after my first. I believe this was a result of the mere size of my avm and not a result of any surgeon error/complications. The following 3 embos went off without a hitch!:) Most importantly, following my embos, ALL my symptoms were relieved!(left side weakness,hemianopsia, facial droop, etc). Check out my other embo posts. I think they can be helpful. We will be wishing u all the best, keep us posted. -GK