Need help choosing a hospital

I have been newly diagnosed with an AVM . I am looking for treatment in the MS area. If you are familiar with and have any advice on the following facilities please let me know. University Alabama at Birmingham medical center, UMC Jackson MS, or Tulane medical New Orleans???

Hi Gigi. There is a search box at the top upper right hand corner of this page. Type in whichever hospital or doctor you want.

Hi Gigi, I also live in MS and I see Dr. Frank Culicchia with the Culicchia Neurological Clinic on the West Bank of New Orleans. I was not a candidate for surgery or embolization because of the location of my AVM so I had Cyberknife radiation in June of last year but all 3 treatment options are offered at West Jefferson Medical Center thru the Culicchia group. The # to the clinic is 504-■■■■■■■■. Good luck with your search for a doctor and good luck with whatever treatment might be best for you.