Need Advice…

Thanks to everyone for your support and inspiration. I'm feeling quite overwhelmed recently - having this network available really helps. My sister has been in an acute rehab facility since Dec 2013, but since she hasn't been making consistent progress for the past couple of weeks, they told her she needs to find a subacute facility or go home. My understanding is that a subacute facility is a more like a nursing home?? How can I find one that has rehabilitation specifically for brain injury patients? When in this progress is it ok to go home?? My sister lived at home with her husband and three young children. He is extremely supportive but he's also dealing with raising the kids, so not sure that bringing her home when she's not yet able to walk is such a good idea, but I'm not sure. I'm at a loss and need help.

I’ m sorry you are in this situation, Sally. Your sister is not the first to be turned loose from rehab too early. Can you ask to speak to a social worker at the hospital? or hire a patient advocate? or phone up your sister’s insurance company and ask for someone who can work with you to get your sister additional rehab? (It is in the company’s best interest to have her walking again.) I hope a way may be found to get your sister additional time.

Wow, that sounds awful. I ditto dancermom. You might also look into trying to hire a caregiver if she ends up having to go home before she’s ready.

Thanks so much, dancermom. Trying to find a 'subacute' that is appropriate. They are basically nursing homes that offer some degree of rehab, but I feel my sister would benefit more from intense rehab. Incredibly difficult situation. Thanks again for the support.

Thanks Jessica. Trying to work it out. Incredibly difficult situation.