Need advice

My first cyber knife radiation was in 2006. My 5 year angiogram showed no improvement. I have since developed “episodes” on my left side of my face and arm going numb. One doctor says it is mini strokes, another says seizures, but the tests don’t support seizures. Stress always seemed to be the trigger point, but now it is happening more often and I have permanent numbness in my face. Does anyone think I could try gamma knife? I am now 71. Thanks for any suggestions.

Sorry to hear what you are dealing with. I’m not cure if I have ever heard of cyber knife having no impact, its almost like they “missed” it. There are many cases where obliteration is not accomplished but I do find no change odd. With the current disagreement on mini strokes vs seizures, if it were me I would be seeking some further medical opinions, Once I found a dr I was comfortable with, particularly neurosurgeon wise, that is when I would discuss the gamma knife piece. Take Care, John.

Hi @QHraiser, after hearing what you’re going through I would suggest a second opinion. It sounds like something is going on but if the former doc you went to is flying blind, I’d suggest a different doc. Hope all is well with you otherwise.

I have seen Neuro surgeons at UNC, UW and St Thomas hospital in Nashville. You would think out of 3 doctors, 2 would agree on one of the findings lol. Thanks for helping. I am going to try and see a neuro surgeon at Vanderbilt in Nashville.

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