The last few days I’ve had the pleasure of being in Nebraska, working with a client. I had been in Omaha many many years ago, but this was the first time in western Nebraska, and its a totally different world.

First, its incredibly flat to these New Englander eyes. Seeing the curve of the horizon off in the distance is pretty cool. You can watch storm fronts hundreds of miles away skirting across the plain. Secondly, there are thousands of cattle- everywhere. (And of course it smells like it, too.) I went to a steakhouse called Dude’s, (yes- believe it or not, Dude’s). The smallest steak was a 22 ounce sirloin. Tasted great! I am glad I had my cholesterol checked last week and not NEXT week.

Not only do they have ranches, they have windmill farms- hundred of towering windmills generating electricity. Its good to see an alternative energy source in use!

Then, after dinner, we went to the Cheyenne County Rodeo. Everyone was incredibly nice, especially since it was pretty clear we weren’t from around here. We were the only people in dress slacks and not wearing cowboy boots with huge belt buckles. We watched calf roping and steer wrestling- the best $8 I’ve spent for entertaining in a long time.

I told you early on that this is a life blog and I guess my point is that we have to get out and enjoy this earth. Our lives are enriched when we see and experience the differences in the world and celebrate how our human brothers live their lives. There are no caricatures, there’s no mocking these lifestyles. They are as beautiful and compelling as any on this earth. I am thrilled to share it with them.

So- get out, live your life, ride your bikes, walk the paths, talk to people. Its very satisfying to do. Prior to the bleed I never would’ve appreciated the diversity. Now, I cherish it.

Hope you enjoy what’s near you as much as you can!


Sounds like fun, Brian! Did you buy yourself or your partner a cowboy hat or a belt buckle as a souveneir? I’d love to see a picture of you all “duded up”. lol

Didn’t need to…we still have leftovers from our old Village People outfits!

LOL good one Brian