Nearly that time

Well, Only 13 days until we fly to Sydney. Nerves are kicking in a little now. Moreso for hubby as he has never been in hospital before. Lots to do beforehand though so not too much time to think about things :) Flights booked, Accommodation booked. Now wait for hubby to come home from work on the 9th (he works away) then we can pack and finalize all the little niggley write a to do list for my son...bins out, water garden, check mail etc, etc lol. I have started an events page on my FB to keep all main friends and relatives updated (saves putting it all over FB for others to see)
I hope everyone on this site is well?

My thoughts and prayers are with you! Stay strong!

All my very best wishes for the op! My thoughts & prayers are with you.
Also hope your son looks after your!