Nausea and sickness

My husband had a craniotomy on 15 December 2010. It is now 14 February and he is still feeling very nauseaous and is being physically sick. How long will this last? The nursing staff at the rehabilitatin unit keep trying to encourage him to get up and sit in the chair, but he is often sick when he sits up and feels ill so just wants to lay in bed. Has anyone else out there experienced this? I would welcome any comments. Please help.

Hi Pauline. I am so sorry that your husband is still suffering. What kind of medications is he taking? Sometimes Keppra can make you dizzy. What was the reaction of the neurologist when he/she was told your husband is still in bed? I will be praying for you!

Hi Barbara, Thanks for your support and prayers. I don't think he is on Keppra but I will look at his drug chart tomorrow. He is on numerous drugs at the moment I will make a list tomorrow. It is all so alien to me I am just trying to be supportive to Dave. They are doing various tests/xrays as they think he may also have an infection. He did seem brighter today and was trying to sit out of bed to eat his meals, but still gets very tired and just wants to be in bed. I am hoping to see the doctor on Thursday I would just like to get Dave home as I am sure his recovery will be a lot quicker if he was at home.

A smile on any day is a good thing. I agree that Dave would feel better at home and so he would heal faster! I will keep praying for the both of you!

you and your husband will be in my prayers. The healing process especially for the brain and body can be a lengthy one. I commend you for being by his side through all of this. God bless you both.