Naturals/Herbals for energy boost

My energy level has been way down for way too long. I'm sure the cold, snow and drear isn't helping but I can't hibernate all winter (much as I'd like to!) Thought I'd ask if anyone has found a safe (with AVM) herbal energy booster.

Vitamin B6 or a B complex is supposed to be good for energy and also anxiety levels, this was recommended by my GP. I have been taking them since last Sunday so cannot confirm the difference as yet

Hi - my Acupuncture Doc has me taking astragalus. It's a very common Trad Chinese Med herb. You can get pills at the grocery store, but my AVM is obliterated so Google it to find it more. I have had increased stamina so I'm willing to take it! You can also find astragalus in tea form - it's also good for diabetics - Triple Leaf Tea - at the Asian store. :)atnt

Some of these things might sound strange, but I’m all for strange :slight_smile: Some things I’ve tried and work for me; others, I’ve just heard of:

-Iron, iron-rich foods
-a low amount of exercise/Tai Chi/some yoga
-Apple-cider vinegar: converts fat into energy
-being positive
-goji berries
-doing something that makes you happy and/or makes you laugh
-slow down, prioritize what you need to do and don’t try to do everything, and be consciously aware of every single thing you do
-break up tasks and take a break after a grouping of tasks
-providing service to others
-Vitamin D and/or sunlight
-small doses of protein every couple of hours (including nuts, broccoli, etc. as snacks)
-quality sleep (at least 6-8 hours): peace, quiet, darkness, uninterrupted, make sure that you don’t need a C-PAP machine, etc.
-think of how much you’ve accomplished AFTER being diagnosed or bleed
-vent and journal
-take care of yourself/prioritize you/your needs
-wear something yellow
-smell/inhale 3-5 x something citrus; or some type of aromatherapy, like peppermint or some other “energy” scent
-add ginger and lemon to drinking water
-green coffee extract
-*latte instead of coffee (.5 milk, .5 coffee…there’s protein in milk)
-*try cinnamon as a substitute for auger in coffee
-bananas and peanut butter
-the yoga poses: upward-facing dog, bridging, camel, cat/cow
-eat breakfast

-sugar and coffee give me a lift; however, it’s just temporary and is followed by a crash if I overdo it*

thanks for going to the trouble you went to,to do this list. there are some very good things on that list..i needed a reminder to get back on apple cider vinegar thanks heaps

FYI, magnesium has a tendency to thin the blood.

thanks Karen,
I took doses of Turmeric as an antiflamatory, for arthritis some years back, which I am certain, was the start of bleeding, over a period of 5 years of the AVMs in a the small bowel,which are Arterial Venous Malformations. Tumereic is no doubt a great antiflamatory if you can take antiflamatories!! I am very carefull now, as to what I take in natural medications.I will always be looking for something that may help, but my own research is so important..

I am careful also. That's why I ask here and then research for myself. I heard turmeric was good for keeping blood pressure low so I started eating it on eggs about 3 times a week. Although I just read yesterday that turmeric thins blood I will probably keep eating it on my eggs. It's just a sprinkle, not the mega-dose one might get in a supplement. Sometimes people forget that "natural" doesn't always mean safe for everyone.

I couldn't get on this website but I have some recipes for green smoothies. Also, awhile back I thought "there are anticoagulant drugs, foods, supplements etc, there must be some coagulants." Lo and behold! Greens, kale being the # 1. I love greens, especially kale. I grow them in my garden.