Natural methods of seizure prevention ideas!

I'm afraid I just saw this thread but I want to share our story with you all. My son had an AVM bleed in Nov. 2013. He ended up with seizures as well. When we saw the likely side effects of taking the anti-seizure/psych meds we were very discouraged and started looking for another way to help him. My massage therapist had been talking to me about Essential Oils for a while so I did some research on the anti-seizure meds vs. the oils. Though we were skeptical (my husband especially) about the oils we decided to give them a trial run for one month. We have since discovered, after 4 months, that Frankincense oil has been the answer for our son. From the time we started using it EVERY seizure has been more mild than the last and he has now gone from having one every 2 1/2 weeks to not having one at all in the last 7 weeks. He never had to take any anti-seizure meds! I pray that this is helpful to someone else! :)

I’m finally managing my seizures and so I’m more than happy to share with you what has worked for me. I have partial seizures, they usually start with nausea paired with an intense feeling of fear, lead into confusion and “checking out” left side heaviness then end with a minute of twitching. I absolutely couldn’t tolerated seizure meds, they made me feel like a tweaker on mushrooms and suicidal, plus no relief from seizures. I was having up to four seizures a day! exhausting! I finally figured out this combination. I’m on the ketogenic diet (I know its hard but SO worth it, for me) and I take a small drop of THC, and a dose of CBD oil. The thing is for me I have to be doing both at the same time for best results. I’ve most recently gone three weeks without a seizure. I am triggered by light patterns and those I haven’t been able to control, but I don’t have a full blown seizure, just a headache and left side tremor. Good luck to you!! PS I also take anti-inflammatory supplements such as Omega 369 and Tumeric.

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A big key to this. To learn not to hold your breath, wasn’t realizing I was
I have heard and put into practice a breathing exercise shown on a neuro -site. The technique actually does reduce intensity and duration of seizure. Not sure if it’s doing anything for any double vision, though. I think that’s another thing entirely!!