Natural methods of seizure prevention ideas!

Was wondering what peoples experience with natural seizure prevention is please share!!!!

I don't know anyting about natural seizure prevention, but would like to know more about it.

I take 4.000 Taurine everyday, its an amino acid, I get it in the health shop, I've been taking it since September and have slowly reduced by Keppra from 2750 daily to 1500, I am continuing to try to reduce. Taurine is showing good results in reasearch as an ant-convulsant, recommeded dosage is 43mg per kilo body weight, although there is evidence that even more canbe taken. Apparently after a seizure the brain is flooded with taurine and magnesium and it is thought this is the body's attempt to stop the seizure. I also take magnesium chloride oil which it seems has helped many people, its the most absorbable form of mg. Vit B complex, Vit e, selenium and Zinc have also shown positive anti-convulsant effects. I take them all and I take Spirulina which is packed with all of the above (except taurine). These vitamins and minerals are depleted by AED's making natural seizure control for people on them very difficult. I've heard some reports about ionised water from people I know with children with Autism and Epilepsy, it seems to reduce symptoms of both. Epi-stil is a tinture containing four herbs that many have had very good reults with although my sense is the seizure reduction isn't permanant. Its been suggested to take the herbs seperately and alternate them but I haven't seem any reports or heard of anyone doing this, I'm keeping it in mind for the future though, two of the herbs are Valarian and Skullcap, I can't remember the other two. Another herb used for epilepsy is Lobelia. If I was to suggest to someone what to try first, I would definately say Taurine, split it into at least two doses, and to take it with at least 50mg B6 each time, B6 helps it to do its job in the body. Good luck, I really think its worth minimising AED's as they are so harsh on the body.

We saw a documentary concerning the prevention of seizures from ingesting fish oil, either in the natural fish, or in capsule form combined with vitamin E. Do you have any feedback on this subject? Thanks!

Hello serious7. Like Louisa, I know very little of natural seizure prevention, however, not trying to upset you or anyone else, I have an old friend who has epilepsy and he tried natural prevenion.
He had a dreadful reaction to the particular natural prevention he was using & had a Grand Mal seizure, perhaps because he was on very strong meds, as I am.
I am aware that you just want to get someone's experience with the natural prevention but I would hesitate to tell other members what they could use with this discussion as other members may want to change their medication to try to prevent seizures.

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thanx for the great ideas to look into!

hello my moderator friend, no need for worry/concern nobody's telling anybody anything.All that is happening is the sharing of information and experience.I sorta hoped bein a moderator and all, you would have found a little more faith,hope etc. in peoples ability to discern for themselves when it comes to seizure prevention.Then mabey you wouldn't of felt the need to put such a dark and gloomy contribution to my thread of info/ideas/sharing, With tales of friends old who may, or may not of had a grand mal from natural seizure prevention?Anyone out there with any info they would like to share with me,when it comes natural seizure control. Please do not be detered,as i find alot of value with information, and i'm positive alot of others do also. Serious7

Have you had any experiences with natural seizure prevention serious7?

There's a book called "Treating Epilepsy Naturally" by Patricia Murray, circa 1990, but is still relevant imo.

No unfortunantly i've only had experience with UN-natural seizure prevention and have been weaning myself{liver failure}off my neurologists latest attempt to find the right"Mixture"I've now realized i have to take responsibility of my seizure prevention back from the doctors i've given it too and find a rational,reasonable,non-poisonous way of seizure prevention!


So sorry to hear that >;-/ It does make me mad when I hear news like this, - 'iatrogenic illness' - they give it a name in an attempt to hide the fact that a significant amount of illness is caused by the medical industry's own medications. Hope you find something less toxic soon that helps you. If I hear of anything else I'll let you know. A lot of people do get help from cannabis oil, along with other forms of ingestion. Indica Strains are thought to be the better ones; cultivars high in CBD and relatively low in THC matabolites. There was an episode of Weed Wars last year which covered a father with a young son (3 or4)who had exhausted all the anti-convulsants and was still having many seizures everyday, he tried cannabis oil and I saw a recent speech he gave saying that he is still doing very well, I think he said he was only having a couple a month now. I try and find links for you as my memory for details is not so good anymore. Blessings

This is the father of the boy on Weed Wars last year, This is something about trials for CBD as an AED I haven't watched it yet, This is an update of the first link, This is an excellent documentary on maanyaspects of medical cannabis, there is a woman about three quarter way through with epilepsy you might be interested in, Take care

Milk thistle is reported to be an amazing natural treatment for liver damage, if ye want to do some research on it! I was looking into it because I've been on tegretol a long time, there is some debate about whether or not it works well with people on tegretol as it slows down the enzyme that tegretol binds too, causing overdose symptoms, I have come across naturapathic websites that dispute this ( may have been one of them...but Memory is fuzzy) and patients in forums however, have said it doesn't effect the tegretol levels. i don't know what meds you're on but wanted ye to be aware of it in case tegretol is your med. People with hepatitis, Aids, and I think cirrhosis as well have had amazing results with Milk Thistle.

Thank You,these links will be helpful!

Tammi these are known anti-convulsants as well, Vit E has shown positive results with people with epilepsy, in higher then the rda allowance. There is a lot of info on the net if you are interested. I am on a couple of facebook pages that support and search for less toxic means of controlling epilepsy and autism. PM me if ye want the links.

I would love the links. He still takes the seizure meds but recently started the fish oil with vit e. he says his head is finally not foggy all the time and he has not had a seizure since taking it. Thanks for the info!!/groups/119004104809154/,!/groups/HydrationRules/,!/groups/epilepsysusa/, Can you tellme the name of the documentary you saw that discussed, Vit E and fish oil? I have some documents on Vit E but I'll have to do some searching, when I find them I'll post them.

Hello again serious7. My apologies with the reply, I have had 2 seizures, then was moving house! Being a moderator, I don't try to give gloomy contributions as I just love this Network; it has been my life-line for a couple of year. With brain surgery and damage, I do my very best to help our members and to always remember our "Common Welfare" of our community.
As to faith my friend (sincerely), some of our members could well be unable to share, just believe what they read. Take care serious7!

Best Wishes
Lesley S.

Hi, I've read on the Butterfly Charity website that Tumeric is good with AVM as its and ant-angiogenetic, I also know that its a good anti-convulsant and liver cleanser 3/3! However I've read on the net that it thins blood (forget sources but can find them), this is a bad thing for AVM? I've been thinking of using it daily to help reduce seizures and clean liver, I've already come off Keppra by using taurine, I couldn't stand the side effects and as I get older I want to minimise medication if I can. Does anyone have any wisdom on the situation (aprt from do what your doctor says, pharmaceuticals are tested, natural foods and supplements aren't, no offence, but I'm not a stupid or impulsive person)? Thanks in advance and blessings

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