Natural ChildBirth After Obliterated AVM

Hi Guys! I'm new to the forum and this group- and I'd just like to connect with some other women who have been treated for a brain AVM in the past and then have a natural childbirth. I had a posterior right frontal lobe AVM that was treated with 3 embolizations and gamma knife radiation 14 years ago. I am now 4 months pregnant and would like to try to have a natural childbirth. However, my neurosurgeon is recommending a "c-section although there is no medical evidence to support that this is a safer option". I'm not sure what the actual risk is (i.e., can the pressure of pushing make it grow back in another region in my brain?)- the doctor had his nurse call me to give the recommendation and she could not answer that question. Has anyone in this group had a natural childbirth years after having an obliterated AVM? Would love to hear about some of your experiences!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Just had #2 on march 10th. I had an avm bleed in my cerebellum in 2009. Because I had a rupture, I suffered a stroke. I have had two craniotomies to remove the avm. I had both babies vaginally but did have epidural. That part was recommended by the high risk obgyn who evaluated my condition. I did not want a c section (more surgery ugh!) so was very pleased to have delivered somewhat naturally.

Thank you so much for sharing- I agree- I don't want to have the surgery if I don't have to!! Good to know there are others out there who have had successful natural births. Congrats!!

Hey there, how did your delivery go? What was the verdict?