Our dear Prayer Warriors, Nathan has suffered a little setback the last few days. The bleeding inside the “ventricles” in his head caused clogging on his VP shunt. Ultrasound done yesterday showed that the shunt is not draining well and caused fluids to increase instead of decrease. Dr. Fullerton said that it is not completely obstructed given his symptoms. He is awake more than last Sunday, no vomiting and not irritable. He was actually given his formula and he is slowing tolerating it more. She said we need to wait and see if the blood clots will pass through the shunt on its own or gets re-absorbed. If the fluids are not drained or re-absorbed, they’ll have to do an “external drain system” or possibly remove the shunt and replace it; he will again undergo an operation and might lead to more brain manipulation and injury. Please pray that the shunt will work on its own and the obstruction will clear.

Nathan also had a brief seizure yesterday; he hasn’t had any since June. They said this is probably due to the bleeding he has. They again gave him a loading dose of Phenobarbital. His right eye remains deviated to the right side. Please also pray that his right side weakness and eye movements be restored to normal. His reflexes are good and given his progress, Dr. Fullerton says “he is surprisingly doing well”. She explained that sometimes children with that kind of bleeding alone can cause them to be in a coma. Praise God that Nathan is showing progress. Please pray that he will continue to gain strength and the bleeding will be reabsorbed, the shunt will do its job in draining the fluids. Please also pray for Dr. Gupta, his neurosurgeon and his team so they’ll be quick in their observation and will manage Nathan’s recovery swiftly. Please pray most of all that through all this, God’s name will be praised. He is after all, our Jehovah Rapha, our God who heals (Exodus 15:26)

Thank you again for interceding in behalf of our precious little gift. Your visits to the hospital, phone calls, email and most of all, prayers, have encouraged us so greatly. God bless you all.

Trusting in His sovereignty, His infinite wisdom, and His perfect love,
The Andaya family

I am thinking of your little one daily and holding him close in my prayers. I have been where you are( I have been there) and I know its a scarry place but just hold god close and you will make it through this. Because through his love and grace all things are possible.

I will pray like crazy for baby Nathan. Sounds like he is fighting hard. He’s breaking my heart in two. :frowning:

Dear jamiee and tj i hope you are doing ok it sounds like nathan is a strong little fighter have faith in nathan’s own strength to overcome what he is going through. Please lean on one another and all of your family and friends right now and most of all lean on god to help you get throught this trial. My thoughts and prayers are with nathan and your family all of the day and all of the night. Love michelle