Myoclonic Seizures - Not Being Treated w/Meds

Hi! I recently found out that the seizures I have been having are not absence seizures, but myoclonic seizures. I am not on any scripts because I have always had serious reactions to them, so I weened myself off of Lamictal about 6 months ago after going a year without a grand mal. I'm afraid of seizure meds, so I choose homeopathic ways. Anyway, I'm excited to finally found out what these other minor disturbances were, for a long time I thought they were absence seizures. But after reading up on myoclonic for epilepsy awareness day, I realized the "electrical shocks" or "record skips" were actually that. My question is, how many of you have these myoclonics and do you medicate, not medicate, worry? Should I talk to my neuro snce they seem to be increasing? do these cause brain damage?

Actually, just to clear up, I have both myoclonic and absence/petit mals. I have gone 15 months without a grand mal :D

Zilly, I think if you repost this discussion on the seizure group, you will get more feedback on this. I hope you get better control over the seizures soon.

Hmm. I don't know but when I look it up it says there is muscles spasms/twitches that are involuntary and the person is awake and alert during them, not zoned out or experiencing 'record skips.' I found these two links but nothing I found says those types of seizures cause any least not any more than any other type of seizure, I guess.

I'm not zoned out :D Myoclonics are definitely what I am having when experiencing the "record skips", just spoke to a nurse yesterday. The absence seizures are when I am out of it, staring into space, etc. :D