My worst fear again!

I should b AVM free now but yet again my hospital cancelled my op. Do they not realise the implications this has to a person I've gone through so many emotions in last couple of days I'm tired mentally!!! They have given me another date next Wed it sure I'm going to believe it till it's done an dusted!!! Hopefully the next time I post It will b to say I'm AVM free

Amanda, I am so sorry that they keep changing your surgery date. Hang in there...You soon will be AVM Free and we cannot wait until your post!

Stay Strong & Positive, Sweetie!

Maybe turn it around to a positive they think its not urgent thats a good thing.

Take Care

The only thing though was last time I see the consultant he said it's the best place for operation but worse place for a bleed he then said if I had a bleed because of location it would squash my spinal cord an I wouldn't survive but then they cancel it!!

Thanku Louisa I'm trying not to vet stressed by it but it's hard not to!!!!

I know that is extremely hard....Always know we are here to support you!

Can you call them and explain what this doing to you? They need to know how you are feeling and that keep cancelling the surgery is too much!

Amanda, thank you for posting this discussion and I feel empathy for your frustration! I echo Louise's comment that we look forward to your AVM free post!

I know that must be very frustrating for you. The hospital truly has no idea the effect this has on you. Trust that it will all be over soon And like Louisa said, hang in there!

I feel and can relate to your frustration and disappointment. I waited for 11 hours, prepped without food or water waiting for my angiogram/embolisation, only to be told to go home and come back another time. I arrived at the hospital at 7am, not drink from 5am, nothing to eat since the night before. My wife and I, me on the trolly until nearly 5 in the afternoon, only to be told 'not today'.

But it did happen eventually, the Royal London Whitechapel is an emergency hospital and there were other poor souls who needed help who were in a worse state than me. One chap didn't make it despite surgery for hours... The care is excellent and it was worth the wait.

Keep up the positive thoughts, it's all part of the adventure of the new you! Good luck!

Thanku Louisa

Thanku Susan

Thanku Trish

Yes I do understand they have emergencies but when your procedures keep getting cancelled it has an effect on yourself that hospitals an doctors etc don't take into account my first angiograph was cancelled an hour before going into hospital I'm now on my 3rd date for removal of my AVM so am hoping they don't cancel the next one !! Thanku for your kind words really appreciated!!!!

Thanku ninibeth that's how I've tried to look @ it!!!


That is so frustrating! I get how you feel with just wanting it to be over with- My surgery has been cancelled three times. It has been so hard to plan my life not knowing when and if it will happen. And psyching yourself up for brain surgery then having it cancelled is quite disappointing!

In hindsight though, I feel like every time it was cancelled that it was actually a good thing and it has allowed my doctors more time to look at what the best plan for me is.

AVM's require so much patience (something that I am not good at). Hang in there- I really hope that your have your surgery next week and that everything goes smoothly! Keep us updated!

Hi Amanda
Thinking Of You I No How Your Feeling.
May I Ask What Hospital Is This.
Hopefully Your surgery Will Happen This Time

Best Wishes

Thanku I hope so too an of course will update my avm status

Thanku crystal and it's queens hospital romford essex uk