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My Update - Angio, EEG & AVM Question

Well as some may know late last year I was told that an MRI showed the possibility of my AVM returning after close to 10 years after having it surgically removed.

The reason for the MRI was due to funny turns I had experienced & drs wanting to check everything… my last MRI before this all happened was in 2016 and it’s believed the new MRI machine used in late 2019 may have picked up fragments of my surgery & mistakenly reported as reoccurrence of AVM.

I had a 7 day EEG in January 2020 that was attached to me 24hrs a day and at home etc… during that time I had one light funny turn but all results came back okay… I now have been asked that they want to do it again just in case they missed something & due to see them in a couple of weeks.

I also had a consultation with another specialist about an angiogram and have been booked in for next week… I have had 2 from the groin in 2011 being before surgery & after surgery, however they say this time they will enter from my wrist!

As you can imagine I’m very nervous about this in all and really hope everything is fine… I wanted to ask if anyone has experienced an Angiogram from the wrist for AVM related checks etc as I was told it’s been done for about 1 year and even though it has its pros I can’t help feel concerned about the procedure being quite new…

Your words and experiences is much appreciated… God bless!


Hi! You know how much I retain stuff that I’ve read on here. I remember someone talking about a wrist access angiogram and it was @Jeannine. See here:

It seems like a good idea not to keep digging holes in the same place, so sounds sensible to me.

Very best wishes,


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Thank you Richard it’s helped ease my fears a little… God bless!

Yes thank you Richard for directing him to my post. Adrian, I think you will be truly surprised at the difference with everything when they go in through the right wrist. As soon as I walk in, I always ask for that antianxiety cocktail they give so make sure you do the same lol since that really helps anxiety a lot before a procedure. I couldn’t use my right hand for a day or two but got back to normal after that and was at work and everything. It truly was a godsend.


Sounds good Jeannine I really needed this & knew I could rely on this site for some encouragement somewhere… God bless!

Well today’s the day & I’m just waiting around for my turn! Quite anxious to say the least but have to keep my faith in God… will keep you guys here updated… God bless!

Adrian, all the best!

I’m sure you’ll get through it fine. It’s a natural thing to worry about this sort of thing but you’re going to be in great hands!

Have a great day and treat it as time off work that is well deserved. Relax and just let the hospital staff take you through the steps. They’ll look after you.

I’m thinking that you’re looking to see if your AVM has returned but we are hoping that it was something like a ghost showing on earlier scans and there’s nothing really there? I hope it puts you in the clear.

Very best wishes,


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Thank you Richard… part of the anxiety also comes from being given results to see if the AVM has returned after nearly 10 years… trying my best to keep positive and again thank you for your support… God bless!

Yeah, I get it.

Sending positive thoughts your way!

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Good luck Adrian! Please keep us posted on your recovery and the results, praying that all goes well. Also hoping for a much more speedier recovery going through the right wrist. Thinking of you :blush:


Thanks Jeannine will do… I think the hardest part is waiting around in suspense… God bless!

We’re all waiting with you Adrian, wishing for the best! Take Care, John.

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Thank you John… God bless!

Thank you Richard… God bless!

The suspense is really high at the moment… sorry with all the posts ppl… God bless!

Waiting is definitely the hardest part Adrian, I totally understand, we all do. I hope they were able to give you something to make you a little more comfortable with the waiting process. All will go well, my one friend told me doctors who do procedures like these is kind of like a teeth cleaning to them, their pros. I also read on this site years ago someone mentioned singing the song by Bob Marley every little thing will be all right helped them a lot.

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No cocktail as yet but they assure me I will get something prior to help… it is painful waiting as your mind is running nonstop thinking about so many scenarios… will keep you guys posted… God bless!

UPDATE : finally finished my angiogram after waiting close to 12 hours… Angio went ok through the wrist and I was quite surprised how advanced this procedure has become since my operation in 2011…

In conclusion I’m AVM FREE!!!

Thank you all for your prayers, thoughts and kind words during the last few months … God bless!

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We knew it. We just didn’t dare say it out loud!

Well done, Adrian!

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Awesome! So happy tp hear. Take Care, John.

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