My Trip To San Fransisco

I have returned from my week long visit to San Fransisco to attend the Second Life Community Convention. I presented a workshop on the benefits of virtual worlds for the disabled, and was very encouraged by the participation. I met so many wonderful people in San Fran. But I think one of the most amazing things relevant to this group, is that there was an avm survivor in the room, lol. He introduced himself afterward, and we had the opportunity to talk for a while, share symptoms, avm stories. I’m hoping he will have found this group by now, as I gave him the address & info. San Fransisco is a wonderful city. I did have some challenges, namely the hills. It was the do I walk, do I use the wheelchair. I found he wheelchair really tougher than walking for the short trips, so enjoyed walking, but those occasional steps were a little scary. But I came back in one piece! Overall a wonderful trip that I would love to do again!

james sounded like you had a wonderful time…it must have been great to talk to another avm survivor in person…it is not everyday you meet someome else who has had an avm…and good on you for challanging yourself with the walking and stairs…you should be proud of yourself…glad you had a great time

I didn’t know I had an avm when I went to San Fransisco.
The place is a lot of hills, mountains to an avmer lol.
Now that I know about my avm , I would still go, just like you did.

Keep having fun,

Thanks for the congrats, I am a survivor.

James: Please tell more about your workshop