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Hi andul,

Can you please let me know avm is related to cancer or not



Hello, and welcome to the site!

I can’t say I’ve read of any cases yet where a brain AVM is linked to tumours or cancer. However it is always possible to have more than one condition.

Please go to the New Members category and create a new topic to tell us about your story. What do you know about your condition, what has been said to you so far and we’ll all try to help you from there, rather than re-awakening an old conversation.

Thank you,



Hi richard,

Can please let me know brain avm is cancer or not…all are said my related
friends this is cancer I am still confusion…

My cousin got full headache with vomitings for 5 days. 5th day she is
admitted to hospital and doctor checkup completed …they dis MRi scan and
said this is avm…Also they did angiogram test through left leg to
brain… after that they did GAMMA KNIFE SURGERY . doctor advise after
every 6mnths interval MRi checkup is better for 2years and after 2 years
DSA but I thought this is cancer … please let me know whether it is
cancer or not

Thanks & Regards,



No. An AVM is not a cancer, it is best described as abnormal connection of the arteries directly to the veins. All of the symptoms you describe could be the AVM, or the effects of abnormal blood flow on the brain.

It is not a cancer.



Hi Carol:

My AVM is in the Cerebellum of my brain and it ruptured in Nov, 2014, 3 days after my 64th Birthday. Because of its location, surgery was not an option because it was located too close to my neck muscles. My AVM was 3 cm, but I don’t know what grade that is. I had Gamma Knife Radiation 5 months after the rupture and after the brain swelling went down and the blood from rupture was absorbed by my body. Lucky? You bet! Other than the pain of having the Halo screwed into my head, I had no serious side effects from the Gamma Knife other than a fairly bad headache for 3 days following the procedure. Next month I will have what I hope is my final Angiogram and MRI. Look to your doctors for advice and seek a 2nd or 3rd opinion if you are unsure. I wish you the best of luck. Pray and Patience is what I recommend!

Sharon D…