My surgery update

hey everybody well I have had a very wierd and horrible past few weeks. Okay I went to Colorado and had my surgery it was a success. But now my scabs wont come off. But ya okay when I got home 2 days after my surgery it hurt so bad. I went to a thing that is called the B93 Birthday Bash which is in michigan and the day befor it, it had poored down rain. and we had parked on a flood plain and when we parked there was no water and we all got comletly burned!!! Well when we went to the car it was a totally completly different story… Every thing was flooded and cars were floating away. we tryed to leave but we couldnt there was so much water and i had been in my wheel chair all day because i cant walk yet. but to make a long story short… i ended up in the E.R. because my leg swelled up and red things were on my leg so i had an x-ray and a altrasound and my family doctor had to come and pick us up because our car was stuck in the fair grounds so we got home at 6:55 the next morning. it was a nightmer!!!

ekk that sounds horrible. hope the next couple weeks are better and make up for the last couple.
take care

sounds like you had a bit of a rough ride hope things are looking up…take care of yourself and rest up after that xxx

Christa, what a bad time you have had! I saw the reports on the news with film on the flooded parking area. It was a terrible mess. I’m so sorry you were caught in it! Your family doctor sounds wonderful. Since I live in Michigan, maybe I should start seeing him? Take care.