My support worker

I have a support worker. She has helped me to organise some things. I live alone,
It wasn't easy to get one.

She came by one day asked what I'd done and I was feeling positive and up that day to which she said 'oh you're fine, you'll be absaloutely fine.' She then disappeared for three weeks and now wants a review.

I have told her that she needs to speak with my social worker or similar as head injuries are complex and what you see isn't what you get. I have been very tired lately. I don't see the point in her carrying on with me as I think she would be better suited with some-one who has obvious difficulties, She was quite brusque. I don't think she understands the fatigue which is, for me, a major part of my tbi.

Any ideas?
I know I should make the most of any support I can get as I have always had to fight for any kind of support.


Hi Flower - I’m sorry for not completely understanding - what does she do exactly / what are you looking for in support?

BTW -this blog entry offers some suggestions for fatigue:

She wants a review? For what, she didn't do anything.


Hi, flower, if you give her a review, make it an honest one so she can learn from it; a positive review will reinforce what she is already doing.

When educating someone about your condition, writing down a "typical day" experience for you will help give your caregiver a widow into your world. You can also describe a "bad day" and a "good day," which can help your caregiver understand that not every day is the same.

I hope you can get a different person, if your current worker is unwilling to adapt.

Thanks guys for your replies.

I have now got another support worker, and she is brilliant.She helped with my paper work and was very calm and clear thinking. Does anyone else have a support worker? She frees up my head space so I can think about other things and do other things for other people.

Good for you flower.. :). I am so happy to hear you have a GOOD helper this time. It sounds like the two of you hit it off very well. That's GREAT!

No. I don't have one but, I wish I did at times.


Thanks Ben,

Atm I'm not sure whether to tell my friends as they may take it personally. They have their lives, I have mine, having a support worker is my way of getting the most out of my life without pressurising them or making them feel obliged to do stuff they don't want to do. Is that a bit blunt?!!!

I hope you are doing ok. Perhaps you could get a support worker?

My gosh flower, you make me laugh :). I don't think that was blunt at all. It was simply to the



Hi Ben,

Ha! Ha! Ha!
Yeh, it's the truth drug I've taken.