My story

Hi everyone! I have finally decided to post a discussion on here. Finally i say because i got out of the hospital in March of 2014. I was very nervous at first about letting everyone know. Well, that changed when i accepted an offer the local news gave me when the reporter told me how excited and honored she was to be doing it. I seem to have given many people in similar situations inspiration. I would like if some of you could share your experiences. I'm not sharing much right now because i don't really know where to start, but I would love to answer any questions you have. I would also like to ask some of my own. Thank you!

Ryan, I’m glad to see your profile says your AVM is obliterated. Can you tell us more? Thanks.

It was removed quickly. I was emitted to UVA December 19th, 2013 and they had my AVM removed by New Years. I went back for an Angiogram in fall of last year. As far as they can see all of it was removed. No problem.

It’s good to see you come out to the people here and open up…remember that we all share the same one thing in common & that’s AVMs…my story is too long winded but all on my page & I was once like you but after seeing I wasn’t alone I knew how much it meant to get support from others…God bless!

That’s awesome, Ryan. How are you recovering?

I'm happy that you've decided to start sharing and opening up. My story is very long, but I started blogging about it. Click on my page and you can read two posts that I wrote last night. One is short and includes a link to an article in the Bronx Times where it gives a short version of my story. I also posted about my second angiogram and possible embolization that will be happening in two weeks. I will be blogging more soon, hopefully every day that I feel well enough! So feel free to click on my page or add me as a friend!

What a great experience! Sharing will not only heal you but insure others. Look forward to reading your story on here

I'm doing surprisingly well. Like i said, the local news actually did story on me because of the strength i'm allowing people to find in themselves. I find it great actually and love the fact that i'm helping people.

Thank you very much! I read on your page that you want to support others. I think support in a tough time is sometimes one of the greatest things, and just want to say thank you.

I'm with you on the very long part, but can't imagine one that still going. If i read that right. You are a very strong individual, and I admire that.

Thank you! I do not even know where to begin, but i love curiosity! So feel free to ask whatever you like.