My story

A local support group I belong to. Whould like me to wright down my story. When and where the avm in my head started to bleed things like that. But when I sit down to put word's on "paper" It's not that I go blank I'm just not sure if I should just stick to the medical facts or put some of what I feelt and how scared I was over the hol thing. Not that I'm ashamed of what I felt. I think I'm trying to protct the one's closest to me.

Robert James Abbey,...

Just a suggestion,...(it works for me),...keep a daily (dated) log with your written expressions of your emotions and feelings, wether it be medical, or just personal thought processes. This in turn will give you a basis to work from and be able (in time) to submit your story to your local support group.
Hope this suggestion helps,...

Your friend,...


That's wonderful your local support group wants to hear your story. :)
Assuming your story will be shared among patients & a non-medical audience, I think giving the 'basics' of what an AVM is, then as best as you can or want to share, explain how your AVM experience has impacted your life @ this point - good, bad & in-between.
Have fun with it - writing your story can be 'therapeutic'. :)