My story

Hi. Nice to virtually meet you all. The best way to tell my story is to share the film I made about my experience. I’m still recovering a year later but I’ve gained skills enough to create again and was able to use footage my husband shot to share with family and friends around the world since we were stuck in Thailand.


Welcome! Its great you are here and that just brought tears to my eyes, inspiring beyond words. We are a community that has so many incredible people, with such a variety of experiences dealing with these things, challenges and successes. Thanks and once again, welcome. Take Care, John.

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Thank you so much for sharing your video, like John said, inspiring beyond words…Peace, Sandy


Welcome to the AVM Survivor’s network! First of all, I want to thank you for the Video. It answered so many questions that I have wondered about for the past 4+ years now. Like you, my AVM ruptured and I was in a coma in a hospital for weeks. I often ask my husband if I appeared to hear him speak; did I respond to stimuli, etc. It makes him sad to recall those terrible days. Since I didn’t have a video, your video gives me an idea of what it was like. I cried when you started to respond to your family members. Seeing the joy on their faces when you came back, filled me with pure joy! And, your beautiful babies are a joy to behold! Welcome to a group of AVM-ers who care, and share, and support. May God continue to bless you, and your family.

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My brother wrote up my story from his perspective recently so i thought it was worth sharing too

Thank you…