My Story - going on over 40 years

Hi all,

Since I don’t know where you all live, I’m just going to say I hope it’s warmer where you are than here in Michigan. The kids haven’t had school yet this week and they are already canceled for tomorrow. And they are predicting windchills in the -30 to -45 range tomorrow. Could go on record as the coldest day ever recorded here.

But on to more important things - tomorrow is emotionally a big day. It marks exactly 1 year since the embolization treatment that while saving me from the potential of a brain bleed, in turn, gave me a plethora of other challenges (Plethora - as one of my English profs in college would say - that’s $64 word on a $5 day). As part of figuring out how to deal with tomorrow and how to not let it shape me tomorrow, my therapist and I decided I should tell my story. So, the first two installments went up yesterday and there is one today, one tomorrow on the “day” and then another one the following day.

If you want to read them, please go over to and check it out. But pour yourself a cup of coffee before you do - it’s a long story.

And a story that isn’t done yet.



I enjoyed this post, It reminded me of another member actually, But I enjoyed reading your profile more and found it inspiring, There is nothing better than reading about someone who has had challenges but overcame these to have a great and successful life. It sounds to me as a father of 4 that you also know how busy life can get with work/kids but its also very rewarding. Take care.



blushes in his best Forrest Gump impression

Thanks, Martin. That means a lot, it really does.