My sons AVM was on January 23rd. He is finally going to have an MRI

I spoke to the Director at the Physical Rehab facility where my son is.
She is going to call my insurance to request an MRI. She believes our Insurance will approve it, since he hasn't had one following his AVM in the Cerebellum. He is doing better in his Physical Therapy sessions and I am so proud of him for trying so hard.
My son has 5 more weeks at the current Subacute Physical Therapy Facility (that is all my insurance will pay). We are hoping and praying that he will be ready for Acute Rehab at the end of those 5 weeks (my insurance will pay for that). We were told by the Director that he needs to be more alert and able to withstand 3 hours of PT, to go to Acute Physical Rehab.

You and your son are in my prayers

Hi Hope - Its nice to hear that your son is working really hard in continuing to recover from his AVM. Make sure you stay on top of the Dir. of Rehab to make sure you get all the services, MRI's, etc that you need. Please continue to update us as your son progresses.

Thank You Mamagino!
All prayers are appreciated!

Thanks Debra!

I am so happy to hear your son is doing better in physical therapy, Hope! I am sending prayers and positive energy your way to get him to that Acute Rehab!

Thank you Ann,
He started speaking on Thursday.
The nurse was suctioning his mouth, and he hates that! He said "No more" to her.
On Saturday, when I was looking at him, he said "mom". Today he said "Good morning" to the nurse! I'm so happy that he's starting to speak!
I thank the Lord for all the little, but Big, miracles he sends our way!

YAYYYYYY. That is so exciting, Hope!

Praise God! You and your son are in my prayers:) hope everyday brings new miracles for you both!!

Hi dancermom,
My son's MRI was authorized by our insurance. Yay!
He will probably have it done next week.
He's continuing to speak more words, more often, every day!
I'm so happy to see his progress and I thank the Lord every day!

Praying for your son and you .

Thank You Ninibeth!

That's great news that the insurance company has approved the MRI for your son. Great to hear that he is speaking more as well. Very exciting!!