My son has been diagnosed with an AVM in his forearm

My son harry who is 11 has been having pain in his wrist for over a year, we have finally got a diagnosis after having an MRI scan. The consultant told us harry has an extensive Arteriovenous malformation in the top of his forearm, strangely enough this is not visable at all, but he does have some restricted movement in his wrist and a very slight swelling. we are very worried and dont fully understand what this all means. we really would like some advice on what we can expect for harry and how we can best help him.

some questions.

Do AVMs keep growing ? Ive seen upsetting pictures on the internet.
His consultant says treatment is very difficult we are being referred to a radiolagist?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Harry is such a lovely boy with a really kind nature.
we love him so much and want to support him,

thank you

Mum and dad

Hi nettiebrice. I strongly encourage you to join some of those sub-groups I listed earlier. The extremity group understands your predicament. The Parents of AVM…every person there has a child with an AVM. In the meantime…your son has been added to my prayer list!