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My son had AVM surgery at 12 and is heading to college at 18!

I just want to post some good news for all you super heroes. I remember the terror I felt six years ago when my son suffered a hemorrhagic stroke secondary to an AVM. My son had three brain surgeries. He suffered homonymous hemeniopsia. He lost all of his nouns for one year. Serious communications problems. Could not read. And of course had only left side sight in both eyes. Okay… the grim stuff has been covered. Here’s the good news six years on:


Our lives were disrupted and changed. But he thrives! So, for this very dire story there is a happy ending. He rides his bike to school – all over town really – that was because of years of vision therapy. The year of speech therapy helped him talk again.

Here’s a weird benefit, and I want to write a more thorough essay about this sometime, but this experience has made me a better parent and a better human being. Yes – it’s been terrifying. And I know that all of our stories are unique. It’s just that when I first came here I needed to see some light at the end of the tunnel. And now I share a little – and I wish a speedy, thorough recovery for everyone here!


Great to hear! The success stories are so important to be shared here, thank you! Take Care and wishing him the best, John.

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That’s amazing news! Big congratulations to your son and your whole family! Thank you for sharing this.

Sharon from ModSupport


I think events like these challenge us; and I think a lot of people get to a better place for the challenge.

I read your previous post, which gave some great hope, too:

It’s a very encouraging thing for anyone to read these stories. I hope you get a bit more time to share with us more about how your son and you and perhaps your family are now.

Great share! Made my day!


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Big thumbs up for you and him … I just have a question please may i know why did he had 3 surgeries ?? Did he had a recurrence of the avm and if he did was their any symptoms of it ?

Hi Portlandia! Wow, my son is 18 as well and was diagnosed 3yrs ago…we did Gamma Knife and he is doing great and is also going to college in the fall. What is amazing is we live in Portland as well! Such a small world. Glad to hear about your success!

This is so inspirational to so many… glad to hear he’s been doing well & living life… God bless!